The trick in being able to stockpile (if you can) - you may already know - is to get multiple coupons of the items you use. Most of us try to get extra inserts without having to pay for them. From recycling bins, friends that don't use coupons, and visiting places on Sundays where people eat/drink/wait/read the paper and leave the newspaper. Or trading with friends - like the coupon club.

Some people even pay a newspaper delivery person a few extra bucks a week for the extra inserts. You can also purchase your extra coupons from coupon service websites or from ebay.

Get yourself organized!!

You can't save MONEY if you can't find the coupon or rebate form, etc. Many people organize their coupons differently, so use what works best for you.

There are different methods. Whether it be an old diaper wipe box or recipe box with dividers, a shoe box with dividers, a coupon wallet, or a coupon binder. Just get organized! A little time organizing will save you LOTS of time and money in the end..

Get multiple coupons

There are several ways to accumulate multiples of coupons. Some ways are:

** ask friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to save them for you.

** go to recycling centers and get them (be sure to ask the attendant if this is allowed before you start "dumpster diving")

** get to know the newspaper carriers, they may be willing to give you inserts from papers that they don't sell, also ask the convenience store clerks and other store clerks too....the store only has to turn in the top portion of the first page of the paper for credit

** watch for those blinky machines (the little red machines that "spit" coupons out) in the stores.....usually that product will go on sale within 2-3 weeks after you first see the machine and the store will pull it out right before the sales.

** If needed, buy or trade for extra coupons that you may need (view the couponing/refunding links page for more info).

Get to know your area stores and their policies

I do have some stores 'coupon policies' on this site. Just looks for the Coupon Policies link on the left side of the page. PRINT THEM! Print the coupon policies and keep them with your coupons. If you ever have a problem with a store accepting your coupons, feel free to pull out the policy to refer to it.

Call the stores and ask if they double or triple coupons, or price match competitor's ads. Some stores, such as Walgreens & CVS will accept a manufacturer coupon in conjunction with their store coupons.

Also, don't overlook other stores in your area. Here we have Dollar General Stores. This store accept coupons and carry name brand items AT A FRACTION of the cost of other stores. You can normally get free shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cleaners, and lots more just by using your coupons here.

Now that you have your coupons cut, organized and you have your coupon policies and sales ads in hand - lets talk about using your coupons....

Don't use a coupon just because you have it!

In other words, don't buy something you normally wouldn't buy just because you have a coupon for it (unless it's free of course). If you think you can use it and its dirt cheap or free-go for it. Sometimes, I will get items that I do not even want or can use because I have a coupon for it and its free. I will then donate that item to a shelter.

If the coupon says "off any size" then buy the smallest size!!

This is always a better price deal! Also, dont over look trial sized items. I am known for buying trial sized items if the coupon allows me to do so. Almost always, I will get a trial size item of a product for FREE!! I have gotten LOTS of free laundry detergent that way!


Whenever you find a great deal on a product, buy as many as you can (and that you have coupons for), especially if you are getting the item for free. This will help you in the long run. And your other couponing friends will understand you even if others think you are crazy for having 30 of a particular item-ha!

If an item on sale at the store is out of stock, get a raincheck!

If you have a raincheck, order coupons to go with it from one of the online coupon services. There are LOTS of sites that actually sell coupons. So if you are needing quite a bit of one particular coupon, this is a great way to get them.

Go online and save too

Alot of manufacturers have online printable coupons available. Do not overlook these coupons. They are usually really good valuable coupons. I try to keep them updated on the DivagirlsDealsForum so check that often.

There are plenty of online sites where members post their wonderful finds whether they be online or in brick and mortar stores. places to look for deals or visit

There are lots of online coupon sites that online coupon codes, just do a search in your search engine for coupons and you'll be amazed at what that will uncover.

If you are curious about knowing how much money you are saving, keep a track of your savings!

Keep track of your savings so you can see how good you're doing. This will keep you motivated to get it even lower. Some people keep this information a notebook or on an Excel spreadsheet. You may find that a spreadsheet is most useful. Here is one for you to use Supermarket Savings (click on link)

The before coupon total, and the after coupon total. You can also try to keep a running total of the coupon amount that you saved with each purchase.. This will give you an idea of how much your saving with your coupons.

Keep It Legal !!!

As you refund and coupon, be sure to keep it legal and honest.

Greedy refunders have been caught, have been taken to trial, and sent to jail for having many post office boxes in lots of different names and for counterfeiting free item coupons.

Don't ever ever make homemade cash register receipts. Read the fine print on refund forms and be sure to follow the directions. Most require that you personally buy the item you are requesting a refund on. Keep it legal and fun. Refunding and couponing is a great way to reduce your grocery bill and to keep some of your money in your pocket!